Welcome to the Organization

Good Day my fellow Grand Chase players. Riku of Organization XIII here. This site is something I kinda whipped together so sorry if there are a few bugs to fix, but bare with it. Now seeing as i was too lazy to completely re-vamp everything into something extravagant. I just copy and pasted Xiggy's posts in the Grand Chase Forum. (Sorry Xigbar). 

We, of Organization XIII, welcome you. We are a very PVP oriented guild, but aren't strictly limited to such actions. We enjoy the game, generally every aspect of it. (Because lets face it, Lag is the Devil of All Grand Chase short of Elena's Gem Devouring Necklaces.) So, with this in mind, consider this your only warning in PVP. We aren't your everyday Nobodies. (Kudos for the fanatics who caught the pun, but hush. We pride ourselves in our combat skills, and surely, the next member you fight should prove more difficult than the last, given you win the inital fight that is. But let me not sound arrogant, there is potential out there these days.

So, by now, some either have a wave of questions or a wave of pompous claims and/or insults. We'll give ample space to this below in good time. Trust me. As the Organization member (temporarily?) in charge of the Public Responce, you'll be hearing from me here more often than my previous posting record should indicate. Be before you ask a question or say something stupid and arrogant we've most likely heard before, glance at the F A Q's and the "How To" Section of our fourm. I'll try and cover just about anything, but if I fail to, send me a message, or better, find me in GAME. Because I'm there.... alot. Really, I will answer just about anything short of a Kingdom Hearts Fanatic going nuts on me, Savvy?~

Enjoy your stay with the guild, or in the case of our enemy, Come back any time!~